Tell your story for generations to celebrate

Create your Family Legacy Capsule to share, learn, and capture one another's most defining life moments

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Record your stories for generations to celebrate

Create your Family Legacy Capsule to capture life's most defining moments, bringing your family together, to care for the long term.
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How it works

Reflect. Share. Celebrate. Together.

Invite family and friends

Share your private capsule link with those who matter, so you can capture your legacy together!

Record your legacy

Receive question prompts about important life moments to guide your reflections authentically.

Celebrate your stories

As we create your private capsule, enjoy the video stories shared by loved ones now and forever.

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What You'll Receive

A modern-day capsule for you and your loved ones

Private video gallery

We're the anti-social media. Securely capture the voice and essence of your loved ones.

Easily share with people that matter

You decide who can access  your capsule.  Once they opt-in, you're good to go!

Capture your family history

Whether it's stories you've never heard or ones you never want to forget, treasure them here.

Build deeper relationships
Realize stronger bonds from learning the stories of your loved ones, resulting in greater trust and connection.
Sit back, relax and enjoy
We do the heavy lifting and compile the videos for you to view whenever you want, where ever you want.
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How Capturing Your Legacy Can help your family

Expecting and new parents

CanopyLife makes it easy to capture your today and dream your tomorrow.  Capture and share this exciting time with loved ones, celebrating your growing family together.

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Parents raising children with special needs

Let CanopyLife help you support your children. Capture and convey your parenting wishes for your chosen guardians and children to learn, directly from your video stories.

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When facing a health crisis

When life throws challenges at you, lean into family to find strength with CanopyLife.  Share your legacy and capture memories for you to cherish now and forever.

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Geographically-dispersed families

Feel closer with distant loved ones by reflecting on and capturing moments together.  They will be flattered by the invite and you will all have a keepsake to hold onto forever.

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Parents with kids and aging parents

Record your parents' stories for you, your kids, and your future grandkids to enjoy. It's the perfect way to connect with family during a pandemic!

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A relative experiencing memory loss

Empower your family to capture their legacies from now as a way to both, share with your loved one, and to capture their story while you can.

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