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Whether you're preparing for today, or planning for the future, we empower your  financial independence and peace of mind

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We believe comprehensive long term care addresses  your family's health, wealth and happiness.

We help you care, long term for those who matter most.
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Personalized insights to determine the best options for you across finance, insurance, tax,  care, and more

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We remove barriers to unlock support from your family, friends, and trusted advisors to enjoy financial independence

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70% of Americans will need LTC in their lifetime. We want to make sure you're ready.

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Give your family the gift of a "Plan B" so you can live your best life


The proportion of Americans who will need some form of LTC in their lifetime


The average cost of a private nursing home in the United States


The number of Americans who will need long term care in the next 20 years
How it works

Our solution prepares you financially and holistically

1. Tell us about you

Tell us who, and what, matters most to you. Let us know your biggest worries and priorities so we can start formulating your plan

2. Meet your team

After an initial consultation, our multi-disciplinary team will identify how to address your financial, practical, and emotional needs

3. Execute your plan

We build a roadmap tailored to your goals and circumstances, and support you every step of the way to protect your peace of mind

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CanopyLife is with you every step of the way

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Anita's remission after two years of cancer treatment was a wake up call

Anita wrote a Future Letter to her daughter, sharing important  lessons and values to guide her child, even in the event of her absence
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Robert's Parkinson's diagnosis left him facing significant long term care costs.

CanopyLife helped Robert build  financial security and peace of mind by assessing options and plugging gaps in his planning

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Maria's dad faced significant out of pocket expenses for long term care.

CanopyLife helped Maria protect her family from the same financial burden, while empowering her to enjoy financial independence
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Mila's early dementia diagnosis left her feeling alone and uncertain

CanopyLife helped her get organized, and connect her with family and her community to ensure she had the support she needed
When our dads were diagnosed with terminal illnesses, we learned how unprepared we were, the hard way. Unexpected news led to unaffordable costs, isolation from friends and family, and nobody to look out for our families.  Inspired to fix what's broken, we're here for you.
- Dan and Mana
CanopyLife's comprehensive approach prepares you financially and emotionally

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