Long term care costs don't have to be a black box

We empower you

We support families to manage their long term care needs

Prepare your family for the costs of long term care

Whether you're preparing for today, or planning for the future, we empower your  financial independence and peace of mind

We take a holistic view

Our approach centers around your family

Care financing made simple

Whether you're paying LTC costs today, or saving for the future,  manage your family finances and care needs easily and simply

Collaborative family-centered approach

Coordinate family, friends, and trusted advisors on a single platform to provide transparency,  and connect the dots wherever you're located

Meet your personal expert team

A one-stop-shop to understand your options, organize your life, and plan your family's long term care needs today and in the future

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CanopyLife is with you every step of the way

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Anita's remission following cancer was a wake up call and inspiration.

CanopyLife supported Anita in understanding the treatment plan, the costs she would have to pay out-of-pocket, and created a plan to help her afford the care she deserved.
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Robert's Alzheimer's diagnosis left him facing significant long term care costs.

CanopyLife helped Robert build peace of mind by assessing options, plugging the gaps and finding the right specialist care in his area

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Maria's dad faced significant out of pocket expenses for long term care.

CanopyLife helped Maria protect her family from the same financial burden, while empowering her to enjoy financial independence
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Mila's cancer diagnosis left her feeling alone.

CanopyLife empowered Mila's family to create a private video gallery, recording their favorite memories together, for her to enjoy and feel supported.
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Give your family the gift of a legacy so you can live your best life


The proportion of Americans who will need some form of LTC in their lifetime


The average cost of a private nursing home in the United States


The number of Americans who will need long term care in the next 20 years
What do we do

Tech with a human touch from an expert team when you need it most

We can help you understand your options wherever you are in your journey
  • Expert insight and advice to understand your options to finance LTC and ensure delivery of the care you need
  • Collaborative platform enables easy group coordination to join the dots and manage your cash flow
  • Manage family LTC costs, related payments and finances where ever you and your family are located
  • Secure platform to give you control over who can use and see critical information
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When our dads were diagnosed with terminal illnesses, we learned how unprepared we were, the hard way. Unexpected news led to unaffordable costs, isolation from friends and family, and nobody to look out for our families.  Inspired to fix what's broken, we're here for you.
- Dan and Mana

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