We help your family pay for long term care so you can focus on caring

Understand care financing options

Prepare your family for the costs of long term care

Whether you're preparing for today, or planning for the future, we empower your  financial independence and peace of mind

We take a holistic view

Our approach centers around you and your family

Plug your cost of care gap

Whether you're paying LTC costs today, or saving for the future, we will help you cover your costs, so you can find relief.

Coordinate payments with family

Coordinate savings and payments with trusted family and friends to engage your support team into action.

Have an expert with you at every step

We're a one-stop-shop to meet you where you are, identify your options, and plan your family's LTC needs today and in the future.

We are a one stop shop

We are redefining long term care with a truly comprehensive solution

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Anita's cancer treatments presented her with a scary financial reality.

CanopyLife guided Anita in understanding the costs of her treatment, and identifying ways for her to pay for her care, so she could focus on her fight to live for her children.
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Robert and Anna made it a priority to not be a burden on their children.

CanopyLife got them organized on a secure, shared platform so their daughters had visibility to their financial LTC plan.

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Maria had no choice but to pay significant expenses for her dad's long term care.

Motivated to protect her son from the same financial burden, CanopyLife helped her plan ahead to protect for her LTC needs.
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Mila's early dementia diagnosis left her feeling alone and uncertain.

CanopyLife enabled her children to coordinate payments for her bills, bringing her family together and support her for the future.
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Families who need long term care are the norm, not the exception. Prepare now to gift them the legacy they deserve.


The proportion of Americans who will need some form of LTC in their lifetime


The average cost of a private nursing home in the United States


The number of Americans who will need long term care in the next 20 years
Our approach

Tech enabled with an expert human touch when you need it most

We can help you understand your options wherever you are in your journey
  • Expert insight and advice to understand financing options and ensure delivery of the care you need
  • Collaborative platform enables easy group coordination to connect the dots and manage cash flow
  • Manage family LTC costs, related payments, and finances wherever you and your family are located
  • Secure platform to give you control over who can use and see critical information
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When our dads were diagnosed with terminal illnesses, we learned how unprepared we were, the hard way. Unexpected news led to unaffordable costs, isolation from friends and family, and nobody to look out for our families.  Inspired to fix what's broken, we're here for you.
- Dan and Mana
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